Team Humanity After School is managed by Regional Directors who oversee Site Directors and their staff. Regional Directors report to our executive board. Regional Directors are responsible for overall program quality and insuring policies and procedures are followed. Regional Directors are accessible to school officials at all times. Parents can contact Regional Directors if Site Directors are unable to resolve a problem.

Site Directors will be responsible for each location where Team Humanity After School provides programming. Site Directors will be on site daily to oversee staff and assist with problems. The number of additional Team Humanity Educator support staff will vary depending on enrollment. Site Directors will be responsible for ensuring all staff abides by the policies and procedures of Team Humanity After School as well as the rules of the school and district. Site Directors will work with parents regarding disciplinary and payment issues.

All staff employed by Team Humanity After School will be required to complete a background check as part of their application. Once hired, staff will be required to attend a full training session as well as periodic updates and reviews. All staff will be CPR and First Aid Certified to ensure there is always multiple adults able to assist in an emergency. Additionally, all staff will be trained in industry standard safety and hygiene protocols.

Team Humanity staff handles all administrative tasks and provides all the materials required to run the program.



 Key Roles, Qualifications, And Training


  • Team Humanity After School will manage the hiring process, providing dedicated Site Director and instructors. All staff will be hired as W-2 employees.
  • Selection based on strength of cover letter and resume, two interviews, and successful completion of the training process.
  • Our training process is 40 hours and requires staff to demonstrate competency in Team Humanity program structure and general mission, which includes leading peers in a sample class. Must demonstrate positive class management techniques in simulated situations.
  • Ongoing professional development and opportunities for promotion.
  • All staff will be fingerprinted by Team Humanity and we will comply with all state and local screening procedure requirements
  • All staff will be CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Anticipated # of Team Humanity Staff: 1 Site Director + Educators (based on enrollment).
  • Team Humanity After School both requires and verifies an applicant’s submitted references


Regional Directors oversee local school relationships, strategic and logistical planning. Works with HR Department to hire and train staff. Ensures curriculum and program implementation. Works with Site Directors and parents to resolve student discipline issues.

Site Directors are directly responsible for all daily on-site aspects of the program. Organizes activities and delegates assignments to support staff. Implements Team Humanity curriculum. Works with Regional Director on program logistics. Directly engages with school administration, parents and students. Ensures all aspects of the program are running smoothly. Site Directors are responsible for attendance/dismissal procedures, selection and implementation of the daily enrichment activities from the Team Humanity curriculum, ensuring transition through the schedule of activities, managing parent interaction and behavior adjustment initiatives, and the bi-weekly parent newsletter.

In addition to our student management techniques and curriculum implementation training, Site Directors receive leadership training in order to successfully coordinate the activities of the adult educators under their daily supervision. College degree or similar experience and minimum 2 years experience working with K-8 students required.


Educators assist the Site Director in implementation of the program. Works in tandem with the Site Director to ensure all aspects of the program are running smoothly. College degree or similar experience working with K-8 students required.