Here's a short description of the key facilities at our Makerspace and entrepreneurship center:

• Podcast Studio: A state-of-the-art audio recording space equipped with professional-grade microphones, mixers, and editing software, ideal for producing high-quality podcasts.

• Financial Literacy Library: A comprehensive resource center offering books, journals, and digital materials focused on financial education and business management.

• STEAM Lab: An innovative space featuring advanced technology like drones, robots, and 3D printers, encouraging hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

• Content Creation Lab: A creative suite equipped with photography and videography equipment, including cameras, lighting, and editing stations for digital content production.

• Computer Lab: A modern facility with high-performance computers, providing access to various software and tools for coding, graphic design, and other digital projects.

• Esports Computer Lab: A dedicated area for competitive gaming and esports training, featuring high-end gaming PCs and peripherals.

• Music Equipment: A collection of musical instruments and audio equipment, suitable for music production, recording, and practice.

• Print Shop: A fully equipped print studio with the latest technology for digital printing, screen printing, and other print media production.

• Gym: A well-maintained fitness center with exercise machines, weights, and space for various workout routines.

• Turf Room: A versatile space with artificial turf, suitable for sports training, physical activities, and community events.

• Multimedia Space: A flexible area designed for various uses, including workshops, presentations, and collaborative projects, equipped with audio-visual technology.