Vertical's, in partnership with Team Humanity, offers several different supplemental 4-6 week enrichment programs, which are offered throughout the year. Through fun activities, our students’ gain skills which supplement their academic development and provide exciting new experiences which they might not be able to fit into a busy school day. 



Team Humanity’s Drones program is a 6-week course that will teach participants the basics of drone technology. Participants will work hands-on in teams to build, fly, and use the drone to capture and produce a short film. Skills learned in this program will include preparation, responsibility, teamwork, self-directed learning, and independence and critical thinking. This program will be taught by an experienced practitioner in the field.

Participants who successfully complete the Drones course will have learned:

  • All about drones

  • What they are used for in the workplace

  • How to fly drones

  • How to build drone flying skills

  • How to capture a video with a drone

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $300.00



Our instructional program for Robotics introduces students to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve members in the development and building of robotics using the ROBOMASTER S1. Students will work
hands-on in teams to design, build, program, and document their progress.

Students: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $300.00



In our 3D printing class, we will use 3d technology to make prototypes of our own shoes. We will begin with an introduction to shoe design first, which consists of learning about the attributes of a standard tennis shoe to familiarize members with the terminology and concepts. After establishing a foundation in terminology etc, students will begin to learn how to transfer their designs to be printed by a 3D Printer.

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $300.00



The Team Humanity Financial Literacy Program helps students to discover and develop real-worlds skills to achieve long term success. In Entrepreneurs In The Making, we offer students an opportunity to learn how to turn an idea into a business. The program introduces students to the process of problem solving and provides an authentic entrepreneurial experience with each session building towards a product pitch.

This course is recommended for students in Middle School and High School. It consists of (4) weekly 55-minute sessions led by an approved instructor, with additional learning opportunities offered throughout the program.

Students: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute weekly sessions.

Cost: $300.00



This intro class inspires students to unleash their creativity by providing services that allow their designs to be taken from concept to creation. In this instructional program members will be introduced to DSLR'S, Go Pro's, Drones, Blue Mics' and more to create Pod Casts, Websites, and fashion designs using applications in Adobe Creative Suite. In addition, our digital design lab is equipped with Screen-Printing, Heat press, Vinyl cutters and Embroidery machinery for students to potentially produce clothing and accessories. Members who successfully complete this course will have learned:

  •     Branding and Marketing concepts 
  •     Digital design concepts
  •     Fundamentals of Screen-Printing, Heat Press, and Embroidery 
  •     Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  •     The basics of Pod Casting

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $300.00



The skills that you need to navigate life's journey. COMING SOON

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(6) 50-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $225.00


TeamHumanity Sports uses play and excercise to educate and empower. We help to build essential life skills and improve the chances for a better future all through sports.

Using all forms of play -games, sport, performance, dance, art and excercise- we create a lasting impact and empower young people with the knowledge and skills to drive change in their lives, their families and their communities.


Receive a strong foundation and professional instruction to set your child up for future success in any athletic arena.

We meet twice a week, for six weeks, and focus on proper stretching, core strength, correct running form, quicks, and the importance of character on and off the field. This is a strong foundation to build any athletic career on.

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(12) 55-minute sessions

Cost: $300.00



Our Health Wellness and Body shaping class focuses on fitness and nutrition. In this class, there are multiple levels available for members to get involved in.  Classes are led by professional instructors to define members' fitness skills and enhance their cognitive development and physical strength. Fitness Training classes balance the five elements of good health, including aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, flexibility and stretching. In addition to increasing the strength of members' well-being, we also offer a nutrition class where members will learn about the importance of consumption, benefits of growing your own organic foods, etc. Members will also contribute to the growth of the Community Garden where they will learn the basics of Gardening and participate in planting.

STUDENTS: Middle School / High School

(6) 55-minute sessions

Cost: $200.00



Students; K-5

Mon-Fri 2:30-5:30 PM

$15 Daily, $70 Weekly, $280 Monthly

Verticals offers Team Humanity After School as a supercharged enrichment program geared toward the advancement of elementary and middle school students after school. Students will be involved in structured, entertaining activities that will help them develop and strengthen their academic, social, emotional, and physical skills. Parents will be happy to know that their children will always be supervised in this safe environment.

We provide a safe and welcoming after school environment, with a wide range of activities and opportunities for our students to grow. We inspire our students to be lifelong learners, encourage creative expression and build their sense of self-confidence. We encourage our students to think big, increase engagement in their communities, and make positive contributions to the world around them. 

After School Themes:


Arts and crafts

In Arts & Crafts Club, children will learn techniques to turn their ideas into reality under the guidance of our Team Humanity staff. Club members will use their creativity and imagination to make gifts, decorations, and develop their personal style.

Young explorers

Students will learn about mysterious rainforests, towering mountains, sweltering volcanoes, exotic cultures, and many other wonders this amazing planet has to offer. Students will also learn about travel and the great explorers who gave us the maps and charts we take for granted today.


Whether it is a cold glass of lemonade, a shoveled driveway, or an iPhone, creating value for others is vital to any entrepreneur. In Team Humanity Enterprises, our students will learn how to think constructively about their own cool ideas for creating value, practice some of the steps for making them a reality, and learn about what it takes to keep their young businesses running.


While it may seem like everywhere your child turns there is a touch-screen calling to them, there is still nothing that opens up the world of imagination and possibility like a good book. By reading both quietly and out loud, Storytelling Club students will greatly improve their ability to determine meaning from the written word along with public speaking and listening skills. Watch your child discover more about their world through a book – great readers often become great thinkers!

Moving & Grooving 

Zumba! Yoga! Dancing! These easy fitness activities for kids make exercise so much fun that your children won’t notice they’re working out. When you motivate children to exercise, they will be happier, healthier, and more focused!

Board games

Whether in games of chance or games of skill, board games are an incredible source of fun, social interaction, and mental activity. Students in this club will play many of their favorite board games, and even learn some new ones to teach their parents.


Parachutes, spaceships, lasers – we all know that science is a subject for the cool kids. Students in Team Humanity After School Science will learn how to ask the questions that are the beginning of all scientific discoveries, how to make a hypotheses, and of course the fun part – conducting an experiment to see what happens. Through a hands-on and exciting curriculum, this club will help your child become more curious and have a deeper understanding about how the world works.

Computer skills

More and more, children in 4th grade and up are asked to create book reports, graphs, presentations, and charts using the newest technology. Give your child the computer skills they need so they can focus on the project rather than the mechanics. The first objective of this class is to help improve your child’s typing skills. They will use Microsoft Word to write their own memoir, autobiography or short story. Your child will then learn the basics of Microsoft Excel including formatting, graph and chart creation, and writing simple formulas.


Students will dance the afternoon away to kids bop favorites. Give your child the opportunity to get their energy out before going home for the night!

Amatuer Athletics

Children will be taken through various exercises, drills, and games to improve their athletic skills. Students will learn about the history of sports, key players, and different key mental aspects of the game that players must possess in order to be successful on and off the court. This training is good for players of all levels

Bricks on bricks

Everybody likes to build! Creating new objects has always been at the core of human existence, and is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling activities for the old as well as the young. In our club, your child will learn many basic building techniques and will be encouraged to put their imaginations and hands to work in making their ideas turn into reality.

Web design

Many people would be surprised if you told them that designing websites nowadays is so easy, a child can do it. Today there are so many tools available which make web design easy, kids aren’t the only ones who can do it… soon they will be teaching their parents as well! Children enrolled in this class will create their own website and will be able to show it off to their friends and family.


Hummingbird Petting Zoo

Work with a team to design, build, and code an interactive robotic animal to be displayed in a Robot Petting Zoo!

Make Makey

Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. We believe that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative and that everyone can create a future that changes the world. At Makey Makey, we have dedicated our lives to making easy-to-use invention kits that ignite curiosity, challenge problem-solving ability, and foster creativity. With Makey Makey everyday objects are transformed into touchpads empowering students to interact with computers as creative tools. The computer becomes an extension of their creativity, fostering imaginative play and discovery. Screen time, so often the bane of parents and teachers, becomes play, discovery, and invention time. “Makey Makey” is a play on words - students having the ability to Make their own Keyboards (“Ma-Key”). The mundane and boring keyboard is replaced by any object that conducts electricity - pie pans, Play-Doh, bananas, and even potted plants - the list goes on! When students create their own method of interfacing with the computer, barriers to learning and creating give way to a world of exploration that is on their terms. Whether they are coding on Scratch, playing Pacman or jamming with music software, interactive and genuine learning takes place because students are guided by their interests and passion. Makey Makey is part of a creative and technological downshift in which very smart electronics are simplified to make the world manipulable by ordinary people in ways previously available only to developers. The heart of Makey Makey is its circuit board that connects to a computer via a USB cable. Building circuits that can be used like a joystick or a keyboard key allows users with no coding experience to use Makey Makey to learn, experiment, and invent. The Makey Makey is used by K12 educators in all 50 states and throughout the world (over 30 countries!) to teach Engineering, Design Thinking, and Making. Teachers in virtually every subject area have successfully used the Makey Makey to enhance and deepen the learning experience in their classroom. Many of these same teachers are part of a world-wide network of inspired educators sharing their teaching strategies in the moderated Makey Makey educator’s forum.


Pulleys, racers, and launchers, oh my! Our STEM activities combine science, technology, engineering, and math, in an environment that encourages observation, creativity, imagination, and asking questions. Students will explore how basic machines work, and learn through project and inquiry based activities.

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