Enter the world of programming, robotics, and AI with the RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot from DJI. It's a fun and interactive hands-on robot tank that you construct and program yourself. With it, we will play games and learn valuable skills along the way.

The Team Humanity Robotics Competition, a robotics competition with Esports format, is open to students grades K-7.  Participants will compete in teams using the DJI S-1 Educational Robots and Tello Drones.

The competition will break down into 3 categories:

RACE- Compete against opponents on a custom track. Unlock special skills like extreme speed by recognizing specific Vision Markers, or unleash weapons like dizziness against competitors to gain an edge and win the race.

 FREE FOR ALL- There can only be one winner in this competition of wits and speed. Use custom skills to get an edge and defeat opponents in this thrilling melee that utilizes the S1's unique referee system and intelligent sensing armor.

CONQUEST- We divide players into teams in our custom built arena. Teams will set up strongholds and the first team to occupy all of their opponent strongholds wins.