Enrichment Subjects

Team Humanity offers several different supplemental enrichment themes, which are offered every day and are included with tuition. Through fun activities, our students’ gain skills which supplement their academic development and provide exciting new experiences which they might not be able to fit into a busy school day.  

Homework Assistance

Homework time is an important part of each day at Team Humanity. Our staff dedicates a set portion of the daily schedule to ensuring kids get the help they need. Through checking their work and answering directed questions, Team Humanity After School educators guide our students on the right track towards completing their tasks. We know how precious family time is during a busy week – it feels great to have your child show you that they’ve gotten the job done!


Structured Physical Activity Time

A structured physical activity time is included in each day’s schedule. Our staff is equipped with our Team Humanity Olympians curriculum, which includes over 15 lesson plans which are designed to be highly energetic, fun, and inclusive of all students. These group activities build flexibility, teamwork, cardiovascular health, and gross and fine motor skills. Many of the activities require strategic cooperation, which encourages students to combine mental and physical skills. Students also help set up the activities, which provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate the activities outside of Team Humanity, with their own friends and family.


Supervised Free Play

Study after study has shown the value and importance of unstructured play for our physical, social, emotional, and academic development in after school classes. Through play, we create scenarios which help us prepare for life in a fun environment. At Team Humanity, we believe play is important, and our staff facilitates these crucial opportunities for students of different after school classes and ages to come together and enjoy themselves under the safety of trained adult supervision.


Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks that are sensitive to our students’ dietary considerations are included in each day of Team Humanity at no extra cost.